Course Overview

  • Why is this course important?

    Today’s customers (60%) are exploring options, researching opportunities and making decisions long before getting in touch with a salesperson or company. It’s imperative to show a new way forward with the value of your unique solutions. Predictive Insight is an online, on demand sales training program that is flexible and scalable, regardless of the number of people involved, organizational structure or locations.

  • What's covered in this course?

    This program consists of 7 key facets of sales: 1. Evolution of Selling 2. Connect 3. Discovery 4. Tailor Solutions 5. Decision 6. Benefit Statements 7. Value Propositions

  • How can I access this course?

    Salespeople can access the content of the program via their phone, tablet or computer making it easy to learn on the go.

  • What else is included with this course?

    To insure a measurable impact a major component of this program consists of a series of monthly webinars to follow-up and reinforce the training. These sessions are designed to support behaviors through a ‘blended learning’ system whereby, people share their successes and challenges, video discussions, peer-to-peer forums that reinforce effective sales behaviors. Also, there are retention quizzes for each module along with a discussion board linked to the website.

  • How can this course be implemented?

    This program can be an:  Internal Sales Training program, each person goes on-line listens to the audio information, supported by a PowerPoint, and downloads the workbooks with assignments  One-on-one coaching tool for supervisors and sales coaches  A refresher to existing sale personnel 

Course Curriculum

  • 1
    Instructions for this course
    • Predictive Insight Course Instructions
  • 2
    Welcome to the course!
    • How to use this course
  • 3
    Predictive Insight: Introduction
  • 4
    The Evolution of Selling
    • The Evolution of Selling
    • Evolution of Selling Workbook
  • 5
    • Connect
    • Connect Workbook
  • 6
    • Discovery
    • Discovery Workbook
  • 7
    Tailor Solutions
    • Tailor Solutions
    • Tailor Solutions Workbook
  • 8
    • Decision
    • Decision Workboook
  • 9
    Value Proposition
    • Value Proposition
    • Value Proposition Workbook
  • 10
    Benefit Statements
    • Benefit Statements
    • Benefit Statements Workbook